Multi-company instance

I was wondering if it’s possible to perform one installation of mautic and use it for different clients. I have some companies that have need of this kind of service. Should I create a separate installations for clientA in domainA, clientB in domainB, etc… or can I make an installation in my domain ie and share the installation to gater the contacts for the three clients companies, so they can manage their own contacts, LP, mailings etc, and I could manage their accounts?

I am not sure if this is possible as I haven’t tried, but I can see where things could get mangled in your database if done that way, the best way to do this kind of stuff is running separate instances of mautic, that would make things more manageable and secure.

@Yosu_Cadilla among others are versed in this.

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Thanks to @joeyk for this link in a previous post.


Hi @marcink and thank you @EJL

It is possible to make Mautic a true multi-tenant application, however, not one single company, not even Acquia (to my knowledge) uses this method because it would mean rewriting a great deal of Mautic and it would become very expensive to maintain over time.

What we all do instead, is multi-instantiation (also called replication), we create an external (to Mautic) wrapper that allows launching and running multiple copies of Mautic with ease, one for each of your clients.
Here is a blog post where I explain the differences and the main 2 options you have for doing this:

The post is a bit old but still perfectly valid. I’ve been wanting to write a new piece for some time, so if you have questions or ideas on this topic, please ask here or on the blog and I’ll do my best to include the reply in my next post about the topic.

I’ve been researching all the options for 3 years and building this kind of setups for almost 2 years now, so it is a pretty well tested and successful way to tackle this down, with dozens of agencies using it around the world.

Hello guys, I made a presentation about this topic in the last Mauticon, here’s the recording: