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multi tenant deployment

how can setup multi tenant deployment in mautic any help me

I think it could be great to let Mautic work with multi-accounts (multi-website or sub companies). I am imagining this could help to manage different websites from a single installation, and define all the marketing automation rules from one single place.

In fact would be great, I actually need this.

how can setup multi tenant deployment in mautic any help me

Do you mean using 1 instance of Mautic for multiple, separate companies? Is there any particular reason you want to setup Mautic this way? I think the usual route is to setup 1 instance per client/company.

May be if you could describe your usage scenario then people on here can come up with suggestions.


@ahmad is NOT posible do that in Mautic right now. If you want to offer Mautic as a services you have to make severals intance in you servers sample

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@ninjon can do this work
Subscription and subscriber management system to allow for new organizations to sign up for accounts online and have a subscription management system where users are billed per month or per year for the number of users they have in each application. Users should be able to register to use either system individual or have a joint subscription option that includes access to both applications.

Payments should be processed via Stripe and Subscriber Management System should include a way to view subscription activity, manage payments, and enable/disable accounts.

3. Subscription Plan

Consists of: Number of Users for Both Apps Number of emails a company can send during a month in the Mautic app for their customer account. The subscription system will need to be able to do a count of users in each applications databases monthly to determine if the customer has exceeded the number of users in their subscription plan.

I agree. It would be nice to have a Mautic instance and be able to isolate information and marketing activities between users or groups if desired. This would be useful for a freelancer with multiple clients or a company with multiple non-mixing market segments or divisions.
I see that there is a feature request, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Hi fellows, here’s a guide on how multitenancy (one code base for multiple clients) compares to replication (one code base for each client) and which method to choose for Mautic…

I made this presentation about the topic on the last Mauticon, thanks guys for the inspiration!