Multi tenant Mautic deployment and customization

The opportunity is:
I have a client that operates a b2b2c and b2c crowd funding saas platform for charities.
We are looking to provide a basic CRM and marketing capabilities to the charities that work with us.
We are considering in customizing and deploying a white label multi tenant Mautic solution.
In the MVP we will use Mautic to manage donors, ambassadors, segments and sending newsletters by email or SMS.
I have some devops, customization and plugins I need to develop

Remote OK?: YES

Salary/remuneration: Hourly freelance / fixed cost

To find our more:
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just a quick note here. Multitenant Mautic is almost cerianly not a way to go because the architecture of Mautic does not take that into an account (in my experiance).

Better approach is to have multiple “more focused” Mautic instances.

the system will be used my many organization with little traffic in each organization.

can you point me to the technical reason?
why doesn’t changing the db connection, config directory and cron tasks enough?

as seen here How To Implement Multi-tenancy In Mautic

I would love to see a benchmark on the followings:

  • one minute cron
  • mautic upgrades
  • plugin requirements with diff. environment erquirements


@joeyk already hinted at one reason performance. I have never actually implemented the solution presented on the link (I have looked into it before) but I was interested in the multi-tenant solution before. The solution is not maintainable and do not really gain much if you implement what is suggested on the link.

All you really get is one code base (well… not really because you might need organization specific customization). Which might seem like a good idea, but it really is not, because you are changing the things that were not designed to be changed - which is all fine, until you have to maintain it.

You wanna use mautic for multiple organizations - streamline the process of creating new instances. Its gonna be easier to scale and maintain.

Would be fun to test crons, segment updates, imports, do real stresstest, try upgrades and publish the results so we can answer the question once for all. :wink:

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Yeah… and everytime the question comes up, there is auto reply with a link to the article :slight_smile:

I give it a spin and this is what I found:

This website seems to me as a Google Adsense income page. Look at the structure and the way how the articles are written. Ads are all over the place, it’s just optimized to be found on the web.

I installed the solution. Found the followings:

  • It is not for M4, but with simple modifications I got it working

  • it does work in terms of displaying different Mautics from the same codebase, using different databases

  • the article conveniently skips the part of managing the mautic console. You can’t choose which console to run in this solution. They only solved (and even that is outdated) the http requests, (web visits), but not the heart of Mautic.

This is a proof of concept, but not for Mautic Multi Tenancy, but for creating a SEO optimized article, and display Google Adwords to generate revenue.

I would 100% use a containerized version of Mautic then go for the unscalable multi tenant solution.

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thanks for the detailed response.
what do you think about the solution to cron proposed here ?

I can totally imagine it’s working. For sure you need to figure out upgrades and plugins. Not to mention security.

The whole scenario is reminding me to:


I think time is better invested in future proof solutions, like Docker, LXC, Kubernetes, Portainer.

do you have any experience with single server multi domain setup?
separating each tenant with permissions? each tenant should have their own templates, contacts, segments etc