My aws publick IP4 address isn't work.....!

When i click on it, it shows the follow url

this page then shows page not found with a mautic mascot sign. that’s what makes me think it’s a mautic problem and not an aws problem.

shouldn’t the url be: https//ipaddress/s/login
then, I can’t log in. i was trying to switch my domain. I did so in the url/domain field of the configuration. that’s when everything turned to dust. Along with the above problem, I’m also seeing that

  1. the old domain still points to the login page,
  2. the new domain also points to the login page
  3. but neither domain actually logs in. Once i enter login info, it just refreshes to the same page
  4. when i clicked forgot password, it also refreshes to the same login url
  5. I noticed my password changed. YES. I’ve had this mautic for years now and had been using the same password. I was able to get in with the (now) old password to change the url (that’s how I know it was the correct password). then I did a default user name command in SSH client and the password was miraculously different.