New help with bounce management

Thanks for clarification. In any case BOTH are not working.

I’ve the same problem. My Mautic is hosted on a VPS. It worked for 205 contacts, it added them to the bounce segment which has filter (bounce=yes) but after that, it started to create a single folders for every bounce email below the main folders (inbox, sent, etc.). I don’t know why this happened. Any new bounce email now doesn’t go to the bounce segment, it goes inside a single separate folder. Testing the IMAP settings was successful on port 993 and SSL. I couldn’t find any helpful info about this problem. Please if you fixed this error, let me know. It’s really very important to avoid sending to bounced emails.

Are you sure it’s the same problem? Are you also using AWS?

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Yes. I use Contabo VPS. It worked first, then stopped. I’ve explained my problem in details here: Bounces emails don't go to bounce segment but new mail folders created instead

I would appreciate any helpful inputs as this feature stopped working with any change made.

Okay - what I meant - are you using amazon ses as smtp? (Sorry i asked the question wrong before)

No. I mean a VPS server from Contabo. Do you know a solution for this problem, pleaes?

This is a pretty large topic. I think if you don’t want to manage your own email reputation, then you need to get something like Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Mailgun etc.
They all have their own bounce management that integrates with Mautic.

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