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Newbie Question Regarding Reports and/or Filters

I’m looking into starting to use Mautic but I’m thinking of broadening a bit than just automation but more full-on CRM for leads. To that end, I had a few questions that I thought those with WAY more experience using the software could help answer.

  1. Last Touch Report
    Is there a report that I can run that would show a list of Companies, or Contacts by “last touch”. This assumes that I’m making notes on calls, meetings, etc., not just emails.

  2. Search Customer Notes
    Is there a way to filter / search / or otherwise query based on notes? Kind of tied to my first question, but the idea here is that if I enter a note that I met someone at a trade show can I search all contacts for those notes?

I could be trying to put a square peg in a round hole here, but I’m really impressed with what I’ve seen thus far.There’s so much to learn, so thanks in advance for the help.

For your first question: I think its not exactly what you want, but you could create a new segment with “Modified date” and “greater than” oder “less than” and then choose a date. Also add “E-Mail is not empty” so that you do not see the anonymous contacts.

I just tried this and it works for contacts where i did a real change in the address data, but the “Modified date” did not change if i only added a new note. Problem will be you also have to update the “date” in your segment and wait until your segment update cron job was triggered.

For you 2. Question: I do not think theres a search function for notes. But you could work with different tags linke “met on trade show”, then you can search for these contacts using these tags oder you just create a segment for this.

I am also using a custom contact date fiel “contact again after day X” which i set to a date in the future after talking with the contact. I use this in a segment so select the contacts where i planed to talk with them again.