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Hi, I’m looking at Mautic as a way of automating email follow ups to potential clients we’ve quoted.

My question is, is there a way of automating the addition of new contacts to Mautic perhaps as an email mimiking a form submission ? This would contain the required contact fields and tags.

I appologise if I’ve missed this in the documentatiuon .

The broad outline of what I would like to do is send a series of ‘follow up’ emails to people we’ve quoted at set time intervals from the quote. It also looks like we can run similar drip feed email campaignes to potential clients based on their product interest?

Thanks in advance


for example you send an email to a bcc address and that triggers a followup sequence?

Thanks for taking a look.

Yep, the bcc is a local mail box which the followup software scanned. The email contained 3 or 4 field data tagged onto the end.

Is it possible to operate in a similar way ?

We also have a web form which collects enquiry information but the form us quite complex and some server script handles uploaded CAD data so it would likely be tough to recrate that directly in Mautic

For the bcc email, an example of what we have currently:


Company = JWA Company
Name = Pete Smith
First = Peter
Email =
Quote = 3D Printing Quote from 3D-Alchemy - JNQ9021


So do I understand it correctly - you are reading the bcc content?
Can you make an API call containing that email address?

I don’t have Mautic installed hence trying to understand what’s possible.

The idea is to trigger follow up emails when a quote is sent. BCC is a neat solutiuon to that. I don’t see that there would be an option to make an API call FROM the current quote software.

I guess we could manually mark or tag contacts but the idea is to try and automate as much as possible and I think we would still be manually adding contacts.

Should it be possible for Mautic to read the BCC emails and extract and act on data fields that would really help automate the processes.

Mautic can’t do it, but if this is the only problem you have I’ll help you out with this one.

Cheers Joey, what sort of solution would work ?

I suppose some code which reads email, extracts fields and uses the API to create the contact. Or am I over complicating it ?

I can certainly import existing contacts. I can also set up a form to collect new contacts who want to download a ‘white paper’.

Hi Joey,

What do you think ? Is a solution easily possible ? I see some paid for email parsing services although I’d imagine some code should be available ?



Mautic can see if an email was answered, but can’t make sense of the content.