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Notes from Meeting on 18th June, 2020

0️⃣ Introductions - who you are, how you’re using Mautic and

Ekke Guembel (he/him) Hello from Hannover, Germany! At our agency, we are finally approaching the "return to base" point. But I guess some portion of Home Office is here to stay :wink:I am this team's current lead, spending roughly 8 hours per week on Mautic community work.. I wish I had even more time...
Nico Grienauer I’m Nico From Vienna, Since 2005 in the Drupal CMS Area and since 2009 Board Member from Drupal Austria. I help to spread Open Source Software and develop it further. I am Founder of a company specialised in Drupal, Styleguides, Audits/analytics/metrics.I am also the Mautic Community Lead Assistant.
Ruben Teijeiro Yo! I’m Ruben from Spain, co-founder of Youpal and active member of the Drupal Community. Started using with Mautic 4 years ago.

1️⃣ Review current Jira Board

Ekke Guembel (he/him)

1️⃣ .0️⃣ News about our Jira

Ekke Guembel (he/him) FYI, We had to change the project type in Jira, thus the new project Key & URLsAlso, we decided to start super simple with nothing but "To Do / In Progress / Done".Reminder: Subtasks are super, use them heavily! (The actual Tasks/"Stories" remain in "To Do" until they - i.e. all subtasks - are completely done.)
Ekke Guembel (he/him) If you have a blocked subtask, please represent it as "In Progress" (and take the responsibility to get it unblocked, or to get help.)
Ekke Guembel (he/him) Hello Slackbot, welcome back!

1️⃣ .1️⃣ Local Communities TCOMM-27

Ekke Guembel (he/him) Some new, more detailed thoughts on this in the latest podcast. TLDR:I'd love to start now, and with "german" as the easiest first pilot for meWe need some web space (Confluence?)We also need our own Jira BoardLater technical levels may includea) Access to and responsibilty for (or processes into) local-language channels (social media & groups, website content, ...b) Own Calendar...In the process of this pilot, I'd also intend to create a handbook for all this - including ideas, rules, best practices, ... and the bridging into the global communityOnce we have more than one of those, we will also want an organized exchange among them
Ekke Guembel (he/him) And by the way, my favorite name at this point is indeed "Mautic Heroes" ( etc. sounds quite cool :wink: )
Nico Grienauer like the idea! not so good for seo, but a community benefit to honor them/name them this way.
Ekke Guembel (he/him) I agree, SEO doesn't matter here :slightly_smiling_face:
Ruben Teijeiro Love “Mautic Heroes” as I started Drupal Heroes initiative ( Ready to help with Spanish Local Community :)

1️⃣ .2️⃣ MautiCon TCOMM-1

Ekke Guembel (he/him) Details are handled in a Working Group (#wg-mauticon), thus only the news here.Basically: We need to pick up speed! Next call is this Monday, see you're welcome!
Ekke Guembel (he/him) Fun fact: @Nico Grienauer (he/him) and I "met" at NeosCon today :smile:
Nico Grienauer Haha.Yeah. I know some guys quite good there ;p fun

1️⃣ .3️⃣ "Planet Mautic" TCOMM-29

Ekke Guembel (he/him) @Nico Grienauer (he/him) I know you are waiting for feedback, but to get things moving: Can this be turned this into directly actionable questions?Like "Here's my proposal, please let my know what you would like to discuss by Jun/23, otherwise we'll call it accepted"or "Hey @ekke I need input from someone on chapter 3.2 but nobody is giving it"

1️⃣ .4️⃣ (Close current Board in Jira)

2️⃣ Refine Jira Backlog, prepare new board

Ekke Guembel (he/him)

2️⃣ .1️⃣ Ideas for new backlog items?

Ekke Guembel (he/him) I think we have plenty, but good ideas are always welcome nonetheless!
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) There was a request made in the Facebook community to make it a closed rather than public group - mainly so that folk in your personal network not interested in Mautic are not seeing the posts you share in the group
Ekke Guembel (he/him) Hmm, I thought about the FB group (and others) a lot lately.I'd love to get rid of it but we'd be loosing people - many don't find the forums, or don't want to use itMaking it closed would have the same negative impact. If some care for secrecy, those should really move over to SlackPerfect world would be a bridge from FB to Discourse, at least one-way (so that we have all content on and in Google). @Ruth Cheesley (she/her) the API seems to exist, but have you heard of such an adaptor?Another side note would be: Do we want to try and push more people from FB to the forums? I currently think we either kill it or nurture it, but not create a half-dead state.Other groups, though (read: LinkedIn), are up for discussion imho.
Ekke Guembel (he/him) -> I'll add this as a backlog item, ok? :slightly_smiling_face:
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I think it’s a discussion we need to have for sure, and in the public domain
Ekke Guembel (he/him) :+1:

2️⃣ .2️⃣ Any obsolete backlog items?

Ekke Guembel (he/him) @Ruth Cheesley (she/her) "Pursue switch Atlassian or Gitlab stack" TCOMM-6 -> is this still relevant?
Ekke Guembel (he/him) @rteijeiro "Establish "MautiCafe" TCOMM-10 -> do we think we can make this happen?
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I think we need to iron out the issues and update the info for teams on our way of working but yes, I think we are agreed to switch. We should decide on a clear cut over date
Ekke Guembel (he/him) :+1:
Ekke Guembel (he/him) So... add it to next Active Board?
Ruben Teijeiro Replied in the issue and ready to rock the party! :smile:
Ekke Guembel (he/him) @rteijeiro perfect!

2️⃣ .3️⃣ Backlog items that NEED to be started soon?

Ekke Guembel (he/him) please add here

2️⃣ .4️⃣ Other Backlog items that someone wishes to start working on?

Ekke Guembel (he/him) please add here

2️⃣ .5️⃣ (Start new Board)

Ekke Guembel (he/him) Also: Are there any leftover tasks from the last Board that we should move back to the Backlog?

3️⃣ Any Community news (rumours, events, ..)

Ekke Guembel (he/him) please add here
Ruben Teijeiro Congrats for Mautic 3 launch! Looking forward to test it out and upgrade all my customer instances :stuck_out_tongue:

4️⃣ Any other Business

Ekke Guembel (he/him) please add here

5️⃣ Date, time and mode of next team meeting

Ekke Guembel (he/him) UK time: Jul/2, 11pm Your time:,258By default this is a 24-hours async meeting.BUT we always happily add a short Live call to it if anyone wishes that!


Ekke Guembel (he/him), Nico Grienauer, Ruben Teijeiro, Ruth Cheesley (she/her)