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Notes from Meeting on 30th July, 2020

0️⃣ Introductions - who you are, how you’re using Mautic and

Ekke Guembel (he/him) Ekke is here, currently on mobile, thus limited communication for the next couple of hours :wink:
Ekke Guembel (he/him) Oh, and I'm the team lead, located in Germany. And still crazy busy :flushed:
Ruben Teijeiro Hi! I’m Ruben, now located in Spain. Co-founder of Youpal and active member of the Drupal and now Mautic Communities :slightly_smiling_face: (edited)
Nico Grienauer I’m Nico From Vienna, Since 2005 in the Drupal CMS Area and since 2009 Board Member from Drupal Austria. I help to spread Open Source Software and develop it further. I am Founder of a company specialised in Drupal, Styleguides, Audits/analytics/metrics.I am also the Mautic Community Lead Assistant.
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Hi all, Ruth from the UK and Project Lead for Mautic - looking forward to a week off next week and hoping for good weather!

1️⃣ Review current Jira Board

Ekke Guembel (he/him) Any progress on or questions about those tickets? (With the exception of Mauticon -> Seo. Board)
Nico Grienauer would need help here: :)
Slackbot Hey there, it sounds like you might be asking for support? We ask that you please post requests for support on - for more information on how the Mautic community uses Slack and our Forums please see this post: - thank you! :mautibot:

Does anybody feel like leaving this one open? Given all the other things and the little capacity, I'd tend to give up on this one :face_with_rolling_eyes:

Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Unless @rteijeiro is up for continuing with this and. getting it off the ground?
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I think that we were suggesting a Jitsi or Zoom call
Ruben Teijeiro I’m willing to continue with MautiCafe but not sure how I should proceed. I need some answers to:Jitsi or ZoomDatesPromotion
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I would say you can make those decisions
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) if you are leading the project
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) promo wise we can put it out on the blog, the social channels etc
Ruben Teijeiro Okay! Then I’ll prepare a draft of the concept and attach it in the issue for comments.

2️⃣ Refine Jira Backlog, prepare new board

2️⃣ . 1️⃣ Ideas for new backlog items?

2️⃣ .:two: Any obsolete backlog items?

Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I marked the switch to Atlassian as done
Ekke Guembel (he/him) :+1::skin-tone-2:
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I think that there is some duplication on the board
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) TCOMM-22 & 23 for example
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) and 66, 68 and 70 seem to be duplicatess of 72? (edited)
Ekke Guembel (he/him) 23 is more about active campaigning, imho
Ekke Guembel (he/him) 66 ff. are all closely related, O just wanted to cut the topic into smaller stories of which we may get eventually one or the other finished
Ekke Guembel (he/him) Specifically official and unofficial are different matters anyway.

2️⃣ . 3️⃣ Backlog items that NEED to be started soon?:two:.4️⃣ Other Backlog items that someone wishes to start?

Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I would like to start working on featuring the leadership team on the website
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) TCOMM-5
Ruth Cheesley (she/her)
Nico Grienauer h..: I amnot able to comment on the issue.
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) You need to be logged in to comment (edited)
Nico Grienauer what the… sorry… switching accounts in tabs… swichtign is too. sure. my fault.
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: no worries it catches me out at times too!

We are planning a sprint to work on our first feature release for Mautic 3 - 3.1.The release ships on 24th August and we have around 130 features and bug fixes up for consideration.As the freeze period starts on 16th August we are looking at the week before that (maybe Friday->Sunday) to work on fixing outstanding bugs, testing the pull requests and writing any automated tests that are needed.Then w/c 16th we are looking at having some focused time on writing/updating documentation / knowledgebase articles for the features that have made it into the release.Hope to make some announcements soon!

Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I think that the focus would mainly be on product and education teams, but there is no reason why other teams couldn’t join - and/or organise a separate time if that works better (due to vacations and whatnot)
Ekke Guembel (he/him) Well I am on vacation through 8/22 :blush:
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Yes that’s what I was thinking - we need to get this work done by the release date so we are a bit constricted by dates - if other teams wanted to organise something at other times that would also be great!

4️⃣ Any other Business


Ekke Guembel (he/him), Ruben Teijeiro, Nico Grienauer, Ruth Cheesley (she/her), Slackbot