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Online Monitoring

I came across this paragraph in the Mautic Docs:

Other Online Monitoring

There are several other ways to monitor contact activity and attach points to those activities. Website monitoring is only one way to track contacts. Other contact monitoring activities can consist of forum posts, chat room messages, mailing list discussion posts, GitHub/Bitbucket messages, code submissions, social media posts, and a myriad of other options.

How do we set up monitoring of GitHub (this one in particular interests me), forum posts etc?

You can use middleware like N8N or Integromat.
Both have workflows that support Github AND Mautic.

Thanks, I will check those both out. I have been using a similar middleware that allows me to set up client accounts so my clients don’t see that I am using a 3rd party software to create integrations. Would either of these do that?

I’m not sure, you probably have to check it. Both have free registration.
N8N can be self hosted. Plz note, that self hosted N8N cannot be charged for to the end client according to it’s policy.