Preivew page and unsubscribe link no longer works after deleting a couple of test email from Channel -> Email

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.2
My PHP version is: 7.4
My Database type and version is: MySQL 5

Your problem
My problem is: Email preview / view and unsubscribe link ceased to function


I think I got this one sorted … It seems that it need to be send before it would save webpage of the email for web view link and unsubscribe link does work on Test Example emails which would make senses .

One question, Is preview web page link suppose to work or not before sending email ? I get a blank page and error sending email since log complaining I am sending a “blank” even I “Saved” the template I worked on so I have to click save a couple of time before it take hold …

Why does it need a couple of save button clicks to take hold of the saves?


Correct, test emails can’T have unsub, because they are not connected to a specific user.
The preview works (if you are logged in) even before sending.

You don’t need to save multiple times, just once. Inspect the page and see if there are any javascript errors when you push the save button.

RIght now all my custom themes are coming up blank …

It was working fine with preview until I delete Mautic and did a brand new fresh install with composer then reinstall my custom theme … it worked until yesterday after I deleted a couple of test email then theme just show up blank no error on log etc.

I noticed there one new file in themes is composer.json

Is that required in composer installed Mautic? I don’t understand why my themes been working then studdenly it all blank white page … when I inspect it … blank head and body

I got it sorted where the blank theme / page are coming from.

When we pick a theme to send, the builder must be opened then closed before you save it if it not open and closed then it will be a blank page

I don’t know if that intended to have to open and close builder before saving it even if you make no new changes to the theme but I don’t remember having to do this before .

Curious do you get blank theme if you

Channel → Email → New
Select a theme → Save & Close
Click Preview (get blank page?)

If Blank page then Edit → Builder → Close Builder → Save & Close then preview again …

Is it intended function to have to open and close builder each time you pick a theme to save it?