Prevent unsubscribe from one campaign (or resubscribe through action)

Your software
My Mautic version is: Latest
My PHP version is: 7.4
My Database type and version is: MySQL 5.6

My client sends LOTS of segment and campaign emails. Very little is standard about their email flow. For those reasons we don’t allow users to select what they unsubscribe from. It would be too confusing to them. There are too many segments and campaigns and most are named using industry lingo (client’s choice not mine).

However, the client does send payment reminders to both overdue and and delinquent customers and they don’t want contacts to EVER be unsubscribed from these.

So my question is: While using the global “unsubscribe” option, is it possible to keep them subscribed (or resubscribe them) to the payment reminder campaign?

I’ve seen some campaign workflows that resubscribe contacts to certain things and that was my thinking. That when the segment filter activates, it would resubscribe them to ONLY the payment reminders. Is that the best option here?

I’m in process of trying this but so far haven’t gotten it to work as I would like and haven’t had much time to test.

Chris Blair

I would try something like this:

The thing is that DNC statuses are global, so if at all possible I would avoid using default unsubscribe link if at all possible.