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Problem vith version 2.13!?!?

Hi All,

So i had a nice unsubscribe campaignform, and a campaign what checks if the user is real. If yes puts it to the unsubscribe segment. If not just deletes the contact.
Today i upgraded the mautic version to 2.13. (previously i was using 2.12.1). Since the upgrade if someone submit on unsubscribe form nothing happens. (simply generate a contact into my All Contacts segment.)
The intresting part that the first contact who uses unsubscribe form will be handled correctly and in all the other cases nothing happens.
So i rollback the upgrade and the previous one was working fine. I put back the newest version again and same happened: The first contact could unsubscribe correctly but nothing happens with the others…

Does anyone face issues like this?

Thank you in advance!