Saving and verifying contats

Dear Mautic community,

I have a question about forms.
So i’ve created an Unsubscribe campaign form and the related campaign and landing page as well. On the form i have one field: E-mail address. It works well, but the problem of mine is that anyone fills out this form and click on submit a new contact will be saved into my DB. Ex. someone makes typing mistakes in his/her address, or gives a not valid data it will generate a new contact. I do not want to generate contacts i just want it check if the given address is valid or not. If not then it should ignore the request if yes then modify the segment of the contact. In the settings of the form there is a button what says if i turn off it wont save contacts into my DB. But it does! Then what is this ‘Save result’ button for?

Thank you in advance!

Hey Peter,

This functionality does not come out of the box. I had another case if solved it as follows:

  • Create the form as mentioned
  • Replace the Mautic standard unsubscribe URL with the URL to the unsubscribe page
  • Pass email as parameter
  • Hide unsubscribe page from Google

This does not prevent anyone from using the form for creating a new contact. I solve this via setting a tag when somebody subscribes via another form. If someone uses the unsubscribe form to subscribe, he also gets tagged. So, if a contact only has an unsubscribe tag and no subscribe tag, then the wrong form was used and the contact can be removed from Mautic.

All the best,

(another) Peter