Question about campaign builder hierarchy

I’m new here (and new at Mautic) so bit of a noob and please bear with me :wink:
I want to start a referral campaign and have installed Mautic and the referral plugin by Simcen.

Working in the campaign builder to set it up and have a question.
First I’ll briefly explain what I want:

I have a form where people can refer others. If somebody fills in an email they’ll get an email.
Then I want to contact the referrals/new contacts (people whose email addresses were filled in as potential contacts).

Can I do this in a single campaign (see picture)? The referral form tree should fire first (will it??) and as soon as the form is populated with potential new customers then needs to fire the referred (friends & family) tree with the new contacts and send them a welcome/opt-in email.

Maybe I’ve done it completely wrong, but could somebody help me out please?

Kind regards

I would suggest splitting this campaign into 2. From my understanding of Mautic, both “trees” will fire at the same time as you have set it up 2 entry points into the campaign 1. is the form, 2. is the segment.

Rather have tree 1 deal with the ambassador and create your referred segment. Then another campaign to with referred segment as the entry point.

I would like to see how you are creating new contacts and segments from the form fields the ambassadors are completing to provide the referred details.

an alternative would be to create a segment for the referred people and then add a condition based on segment.

Hi Robm,

Sorry for the late reply and thanks for your answer. I did it like you suggested, basically splitting it into 2 campaigns (makes more sense) and it worked.

I used Simcen’s referral plugin. From the referrer fields in the form you easily create a new segment of referrals.

Thanks for the help

Thanks…tried it out and works as well

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