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Referral Plugin

They there,

I’m happy to share our brand-new Referral plugin. This plugin enables to create referral campaigns, so that contacts can invite new contacts.

How it works
The plugin adds a new form field type ‘Referrals’. This field has a configuration to specify how many text inputs are shown in the form and what tags should be set on referred contacts.
Once the form is submitted and the email addresses are valid, a new contact is created for each specified email address, or updated if one already exists with the same email address.

The plugins keeps then a reference which contact invited the new contact (Referral). Additionally, you can use {referrerfield=...} tokens in emails to access contact fields of the referring contact. That enables you to build a campaign based on a segment that includes referred contacts (by filtering with the specified tag) and send a welcome email to those new contacts including for example the first name of the referring contact or a personal message.

Where to get it
The plugin is open source and available on GitHub:

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.



Altough forum members seem not to comment, but we all appreciate it so I want to say thank you for this effort and making it public.

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Thank you for the initiative and putting this together @simcen