Reference Field - Am I missing something or is this a Feature Request?

This may be a discussion or feature request, but I’m starting here.

I’m looking for a entity reference field. My use case is that I want to create relationships between contacts beyond companies. Ideally, these would be semantic.

So, for example, I might want a “Referred by” field that references another contact. Or, perhaps a “Family with” field that references another contact.

I’m wondering if this is something a third party has done? Something I’m missing in core? Is this on a roadmap somewhere? Should I look at writing a plugin for this, perhaps?

Any advice would be great. This is something we’re in need of so I think we may be able to write a plugin, especially if anyone else is interested in this?

Thank you!

Hi @msmith01 - welcome to the Mautic Forum! You may want to check out this post: Referral Plugin. It is a great plugin and might be able to assist with your request.



This looks like it’s more targeted than we’re looking for, but maybe a good starting place. We’ll check it out and report back. Thank you for the recommendation @mikew !