Understanding campaign structure and adding segments - Assistance

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My Mautic version is:
My PHP version is: 7.3

Your problem
My problem is: Campaign flow and segment filtering is not working. As a beginner, my logic may be flawed

I’m new to the Support Forums and apologize for my first engagement being a blatant request for assistance. But, as I’m sure you know, Mautic can be complicated for a beginner, even if one has some technical ability.

I’d appreciate any assistance anyone can offer. I’ve been battling with this campaign for the last 2 weeks…

Here goes:
I need assistance with a Mautic campaign. My email is set up through Amazon SES and is tested and working. My cron jobs have been verified too, and work.

I have set up the following segments:
Potential Customer
Converted Customer.

Unverified is fed directly from a Standalone op-in form.

Contacts are added from the Unverified segment and moved to each segment based on their engagement. i.e. Open an email, or visits a URL.

My (beginner) campaign sequence logic is:
Step 1: All segments added as sources to the top level of the campaign
Step 2: Contact is added to segment if they meet filter engagement criteria
Step 3: Each branch in campaign checks for contacts segment and then performs actions in that branch
Step 4: Contact is removed from previous Segment in campaign

The problem is: The campaign is not moving the contacts to other segments, it just send the first email and stops. My Lead segment has a filter which adds based on downloading an asset, the LM in this case. It’s not working.

Here is a simplified diagram of the campaign structure I’m using and an example of one of the segment filters I’ve set up.

I’m obviously doing something wrong. Any help or direction is greatly appreciated.

If you want to start a process once a contact becomes member of a segment, simply describe that as a separate campaign.

What you built so far goes like this:

  • enter campaign
  • do all three test immediately
  • the first condition matches, thus email is sent
  • the other two don’t, thus the negative - red - path is chosen (which is empty). Remember: Conditions don’t “wait”, they are either true or false! (As opposed to Decisions, where you can add a wait time can be added to the negative path.)

Aha, thank you. I’m currently rebuilding it as you suggested.

Each new marketing phase (segment) is a new campaign. When the contact reaches the end of the process in campaign 1, he/she is changed to a new segment which is the source of the the next level campaign.

Do I only need to pass them to the source segment of the next campaign, or must I also add the contact to the new campaign as well.

Hope the question makes sense? I’m slowly coming to terms with the complexities of Mautic.

Thanks again

There are so many ways to build your flows, but using segment membership to reflect a status AND to trigger a campaign is a pretty common one.
And no, do not switch campaigns (via campaign action) in parallel !

Thank you for the assistance Ekke. It’s put me on the right direction. There seems to be very little available documentation on structuring campaigns, at least what I’ve come across.