Re-adding a contact to segment

I have a Mautic behavioural questions…

I have a list (segment) with contacts who subscribe to my email list.
it has a campaign that’s being sent for about 30 days.

if a contacts open one of the emails they’re being move to a follow up segment that has a different campaign attached to, and runs for 2-3 days and then I want to return them to the main segment once the followup ends.

my question is, will they start getting my main campaign emails from day 1 again or will they continue receiving emails from where they stopped on the main campaign?


Thank you Omer!

But what will happen in the case I described above?

Let’s say I have a main segment with a main campaign on it with 30 day emails (1 each day).
the contact got emails for 3 days and on day 4 I moved them to a different segment to get a follow up campaign of 2 days and once the followup is done I’m removing the contact from the followup segment and returning them to the main segment and campaign.
will the main campaign resume sending emails from day 4 onward? or all emails from the beginning again (day 1)?


Amazing! thank you for the answer Omer.

I just wanted to make sure contacts won’t get the same campaign emails they already got multiple times :slight_smile: