Report Campaignstart

I`m new here and hope you all can help me with my problem.

I need to report how many people entry different campaigns.

The order of events is like this:
Contacts join the first campaign via submission of a form.
After a few Mails +Points they are either deleted or they change to the next Campaigns.

I have no Idea how to report the transition to the second campaign.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Hi, I would give you some tips:

  1. You can see campaign actions in the chart:

    If you have ‘change campaign’ probably it will be here as well.

  2. You can follow how many people did what action for a specific timeframe:

  3. If you delete a contact, then all his past actions are deleted. It’s like he has been never done anything.

  4. Transition to the second campaign can be reported by comparing the 2 campaign charts or actions.

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