Running mulitple accounts on a single mautic instance or multiple instances on Xampp locally

Your software
Php 7.23

I have a few of questions.

It seems like mautic only allows you to use one account for SMTP at the same time.

So I will need multiple mautic installs to run this.

One mautic for Outlook, one mautic for Gsuite and one for Yahoo.

Could I run all of these from Xamp and localhost, then I take it my computer would need to be on with 3 mautics instances open in each of their tabs 24/7 ?

Does this make any sense?

Hi, what exactly are trying to achieve?
If you running the instances on localhost, what kind of feedback are you hoping to get from your campaigns?
Why would you run them on localhost? :slight_smile:
Why wouldn’t you run another software that is capable of managing multiple SMTPs? (Sendy/Mailwizz/Mailtrain etc)

Oh sorry, in the meanwhile I noticed, that you posted the throttling question as well.
Never mind.

(BTW - you can throttle in Mailwizz AND in Sendy as well, and handle multiple SMTPs)

One more thing. You can have a multi-tenant structure, that allows you to have multiple Mautics in one. Get it from MTCextendee:

Because I will need multiple instances of mautic, one for each SMTP account, these mautic installs take up too many inodes on the server.

Can mautic run on localhost? Send and receive emails?

Yes, you can run it on localhost, and yes you can recieve emails by connecting to another service via Imap.
However you won’t be able to register any clicks, your link tracking wouldn’t work in emails, and there would be no tracking in general.
Your ISP probably won’t let you send emails (port blocked), so you’d probably use a third party service for that.
If you have a static IP, you can connect it with a domain, or manage your dynamic DNS.

But this whole thing feels, like building a spaceship and deploy in under water.
A fun project, but what’s the point?

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