Same segment but different communication?


how to do this:
In my lead qualification phase, I’ve got lead a in the segment x.
The lead has not engaged yet.
Then, the lead does something and the communication should change.

What I’ve done now is the following:
Segments + Stages
So I’ve got 2 segments and the lead would get into the “next” segment after engaging.
The segments filter by stage.

The issue that I’m having now is:
The engagement is a form. But the form cannot modify the stage.

Maybe I’m using Mautic in a non-intended way?


You can make a campaign, that starts with that form. (Make sure it’s a campaign form)
Then a campaign action can change the stage.

That works indeed, thanks.

That solution reads similar to how I described the current process, creating a campaign just to flip a stage. Albeit, skipping the segment part.

“I would have to add to a segment and then build a campaign to adjust the stage.”

That’s why I submitted the feature request. To avoid all of that.