Segment Dropdown List does not show in the Marketing Messages

Your software
My Mautic version is: v4.4.9
My PHP version is: PHP 8.0
My Database type and version is: MySQL 8.0.36

Your problem
My problem is: Segment List field does not show in the Marketing Message, and the Contact Detail page doesn’t show the SMS history tab as well an option to send SMS

Make sure you selected the right transport in the configuration and activated all the necessary plugins.

Hi Matic, what do you mean by the “right transport”?
I have attached the Text Message setting that was already set up, as well as the plugin Twilio

Yeah this looks OK,

there is no history tab for SMS on contact page as far as I am aware of. You can see what messages were sent by looking through history tab.

Not sure about segment list field though, can you elaborate a bit on it, what should show and where.


Hi Matic,

The segment list in Marketing Messages is similar to the “Segment List” in Segment Email, refer to the screenshot below (taken from SMS Text messages — Mautic Documentation 0.1 documentation)

Hi @duplexcleaning ,

something might be wrong with your install then (migrations missing maybe).

The field shows and displays the segments as expected on my install.

But I do not think you lost much because as far as I know sending text message in Mautic 4 only really works inside campagin, there is an issue while sending from channels.

Actually, I realised I looked at wrong way.
I found out we still have " New List Text Message" which is basically Segment SMS List because this name is on the version Mautic 4.4.9 whereas the slightly older version like 4.4.3 the name of it is " New Segment Text Message"

I was able to create new Segment SMS but have no idea on how to send SMS to segment list because there was no button or dropdown menu item for “Send SMS”

You have to set publish up and publish down attributes on segment sms and setup a cron.

bin/console mautic:broadcasts:send

Hi Matic,
Thanks for your message…
yes, we do have the cron set up previously in the past as the broadcast command also applies to email campaign as well.

I did set publish and unpublish time as shown in the screenshot below but nothing works as it changes to Expired in status