Segment Email can't be edited?

I am trying to understand what the explanation from the new email dialog wants to say:

A segment email can be manually sent to selected contact segments. Once the email has been sent, it cannot be edited. However, it can be sent to new contacts as they are added to the associated segments.

An email already sent out to the segment surely has an edit button. And from what I see, I can edit the email and the edit gets send to new segment members.

So what happens here when Mautic says “cannot be edited” ?

Curiously yours.

What it means:

Once you send it out, you can’t edit and change the past. The email won’t miraculously change in contact’s mailboxes.

Sure thing. But I guess that something different is meant here. For Template Emails it says

These can be edited but cannot be sent to a contact segment.

And they won’t magically change in the recipients inbox either, I guess.

No it means, you can’t send to a “segment” because template emails are sent as campaign steps / form actions, etc.
Not a segment email, aka ‘broadcast’

I was referring to this part of the phrase.

Yeah, it is kinda weird how it’s explained :slight_smile:
Should be rewitten.

I think what it means:

“You can edit, but not directly send as a segment send.”

Unlike Segment.

There is a reason why there are so many explanation videos on youtube regarding this topic.