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Send an email to a random % of a segment

Morning! I have only been using Mautic for a short time now and can’t seem to figure out how to send an email to a random % of a segment.

For instance, I have one huge list, but only want to send to 50% randomly this week, then next week, I can send the other half a different email that didn’t receive the first, without breaking up that segment. The second part is simple, finding the first 50% is seeming difficult. Any suggestions on how to best accomplish this?

If you have 50%-50% with a time difference, you can randomly assign a number to your contacts in excel, update the list and create 2 segments based on this random number.

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Hrmmm that is an interesting concept. Given that, I should be able to send to any number of contacts, just by doing a greater than or less than in the filter. I like it and that could work

Suggestion for a similar but more internal solution:
Create a little campaign to assign each contact to sub-segments, based on the “Date Last Active”. For a 50% cut, the campaign condition would look like this
Date Last Active -> regexp -> [0-4]$