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Send an email to a random % of a segment

Morning! I have only been using Mautic for a short time now and can’t seem to figure out how to send an email to a random % of a segment.

For instance, I have one huge list, but only want to send to 50% randomly this week, then next week, I can send the other half a different email that didn’t receive the first, without breaking up that segment. The second part is simple, finding the first 50% is seeming difficult. Any suggestions on how to best accomplish this?

If you have 50%-50% with a time difference, you can randomly assign a number to your contacts in excel, update the list and create 2 segments based on this random number.

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Hrmmm that is an interesting concept. Given that, I should be able to send to any number of contacts, just by doing a greater than or less than in the filter. I like it and that could work

Suggestion for a similar but more internal solution:
Create a little campaign to assign each contact to sub-segments, based on the “Date Last Active”. For a 50% cut, the campaign condition would look like this
Date Last Active -> regexp -> [0-4]$


Two plugins have been developed to solve this problem. The description on this page will tell you exactly what the settings are and how they can be used for business.

Segment Randomizer

Campaign Goals