Send e-mail online to 2000 people of a bigger segment


I have a segment with 10.000 people.

I want to send an email to this segment BUT I want Mautic to stop after 2000 people.
This can be either the first 2000 people in the list or 2000 random people, both would be okay.

The most obvious solution to create a segment with only those 2000 people is not possible, because there are no parameters I could use to seperate them.

Is this somehow possible?


  1. create a new custom field called “mycounter” and use number type
  2. make a csv with your email addresses and add a column “mycounter”
  3. use excel magic to create a series of numbers in that column starting from 1 to10.000
  4. re-import your csv. match mycounter to the newsly created mycounter field. Mautic will merge your data based on emails, no duplicates
  5. Create a dynamic segment where the filter is:
    “Segment membership equals mysegmentwith10kpeople”
    “mycounter is less then 2001”

Now send to your new segment.

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Thank you, I thought it might be something like that but I hoped there would be a simpler solution. :+1:

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