Adding All Contacts to a Segment

Hello, I have serval thousand contacts and I am attempting to add all Contacts in my list to a ‘Newsletter’ segment. Does anyone have a recommendation on the best way to do this? For example, should I do it via Contacts and make a bulk edit or should I do it via a Segment filter. Any help is appreciated.

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Hi, the easiest would be to create a segment where


Thank you very much. I’m still very new to Mautic and am not sure how it handles these types of rules as it relates to segments and contact list. A couple of additional questions:

  • Will this filter dynamically add new contacts to the segment as contacts are created/added to the overall contact list?
  • If someone unsubscribes from this segment, will this filter add them back to it

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There are no lists in Mautic. but you have segments. Sometimes a segment is just like “Everyone who has a tag” or “Everyone with an Email”. Sometimes its more complicated like: “Anyone who hasnt’ been to my website in the past 3 months, but was a returned customer before and lives in New Jersey and speaks Greek.”
The segments are recalculated in set intervalls and once a contact lands in a segment an automation can start for them. These automations are called campaigns.
This way you can set up the following journey like: “If someone buys my product, start onboarding.”

  1. You would make a segment from contacts who purchased
  2. You would start a campaign with X emails to do the onboarding.

Or you can just send a one off email to your contacts by creating a segment email, choosing 1 or more segments and send the broadcast. If a person is in multiple target segments, they will still get the email only 1x. Mautic makes sure of that.

You asked about unsubs and bounces. A contact can still stay in the segment after they unsubscribed, unless you specifically exclude them with a filter. But the email won’t be sent to them. This is why you might have 1000 people in your segment, but only 900 emais are sent - you have 100 unsubs / bounces. Segments are not only for email, so Mautic is smart enough to keep contacts in the segment after they unsubscribed.

I hope that helps.


Thank you, very helpful. I will also take a look at your tutorials.

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