Contacts were added into segments without filters

I have a very crazy case of failure.

In our system there are some segments for testing purposes. These segments are published and have no filters so the contacts were manually put into the segment. I thought that mautic couldn’t put contacts into a segment without any filters and up to this weekend NO contact went into the segment by a mautic automatism. So I was happy with my own personal testing segment.

But then…

The only thing that we have done is:
We have launched a campaign on friday which does what it should do. It sends the first email at 12:00 on saturday to a huge segment where the contacts are filled in automatically with filters.

The above mentioned test segments are not required for this campaign and do not even touch it in any way. BUT at 17:00 on this saturday Mautic got crazy!

Two test segments were randomly getting contacts added. 20-50 random people out of over 50.000 contacts in our daterbase and we have no clue why it put exactly these 50 people into the segment (but we are very lucky that it’s only 50 and not 50.000!). We knew that none of us has put them into the segment manually but they are there. And they received old Emails which i have sent for testing.

My Questions are:

  • How is it possible that Mautic puts some random contacts into segments without any filter options?
  • Why??? :scream: