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A segment from email read

Hi everybody!

I would like to move users who was read the last email to the segment.
How can I do that?
I can filter all users by command in search field like this: email_read:8
But there are over 1000 users and because of pagination I can select only up to 100 users per page. It’s tiring and it’s not an option
How can I choice all 1000 users and move them to the segment?
Maybe there is other method to do that?

Use a campaign to do this. Put the contacts to be updated into a segment (filter accordingly), create a campaign based on this segment and do a “Modify contact’s segments” action.

Hi Peter,
thank you for reply.

I think I did as you wrote. Now, how can I run this campaign manually? Is it possible to do that?
I can’t find this in doccumentation.
I use Mautic only for email marketing so far.I have not set up the cron yet.

Just enable the campaign and it will run immediately. If you do email marketing with Mautic, I assume your cron jobs are in fact running. To update segments and send out emails you already have to use cron jobs.

OK, so I have to configure cron.
So far, I’ve been manually sending newsletters to contacts from Prestashop.
Thank you for help.

OK, I understand. When the three cron jobs are active, the update will work. It would be great if you gave some feedback on the result.