Send daily newsletter in mautic (with monthly campaign)?


I want to send a daily newsletter in mautic.

So I tried to create a campaign for each month. The segment for this campaign are all newsletter receivers.

In the campaign I defined and send email action for every day, so I set to execute these events at a specific date/time for every day in the month.

The problem I have is that all receiver get the previous emails in the campaign too.

So for example if a new contact/receiver comes to the segment on 16th of the current month this contact is added to the campaign and gets all 15 previous emails of this campaign.

How can I change this?

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Can you make a screenshot of the campaign? Why not sending a segment email rather where you time the email every day? (Set window of sending time)

Hi Joey,

thanks for your reply!

Why not sending segment emails: I don’t know. Until yesterday evening I didn’t know that this could be an alternative for the daily newsletter ;-).

My idea was to encapsulate the mails in monthly campaigns to get an better overview and administration of handling it.

But maybe it’s easier and better to work with segment emails (or maybe it’s just not possible to use a campaign for this)?

I tried a campaign like on the following screenshot.

In this campaign I tried two different variants: One with the daily emails “side by side” and one with the daily emails following each other. I don’t know which variant is better, currently it seems that both variants are not working the way I expected.

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I think segment emails would be a better fit for the purpose. It would save you have to recreate and configure a campaign each month. And less weird logic issues like you are experiencing.

Create a segment email, 1 for each day you want to send, assign to a segment and set a publish date and time. I have not done this in a while but I think the emails will auto-send when that time and arrives, but I do recall there being some oddness around this, so do a test obv.

Thanks for your reply. I will test it and give feedback. It seems that this could be a good solution.

Just to clarify:

The German translation of the timing is a bit tricky.

Those campaign emails are not sent on a date, but released on that date. It means the sending will be done starting from that date. If you join the campaign later, you will get those emails right away.

With segment emails you can specify a sending window. Make sure you are setting the END of the send as well:


Make sure you have your crons ready as well. You will need the mautic:broadcast:send cron to add the emails to the queue and mautic:emails:send will dispatch them from the queue. (If you use queue.)

Good luck!

Hi Joey,

thanks for your reply.

I tried to use segment emails without campaigns. I want that this email is send automatically to a specific segment every day at 12:00.

So I tried to publish them for one hour for this day (and hoped that the email will be send in this published time slot). But it seems that the email is not send.

I have the following crons on the mautic server (thanks to your blog ;-):

# m h  dom mon dow   command
# Keep segments current
0,15,30,45  * * * * /opt/bitnami/php/bin/php /opt/bitnami/mautic/bin/console mautic:segments:update
# Keep campaigns updated with applicable contacts
5,20,35,50  * * * * /opt/bitnami/php/bin/php /opt/bitnami/mautic/bin/console mautic:campaigns:update
# Execute campaings events
10,25,40,55 * * * * /opt/bitnami/php/bin/php /opt/bitnami/mautic/bin/console mautic:campaigns:trigger
# Send Scheduled Broadcasts
12,27,42,57 * * * * /opt/bitnami/php/bin/php /opt/bitnami/mautic/bin/console mautic:broadcast:send
# Process Email Queue
13,28,43,58 * * * * /opt/bitnami/php/bin/php /opt/bitnami/mautic/bin/console mautic:emails:send

Where is my mistake? Do you have any idea why the email is not sending?

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Hey Timo, it looks good, but are you sure the php commands are okay? Can you run these commands manually in ssh and see if they work?

Hi Joey,

thanks for your reply. Yes I can call the commands manually in the shell and I think they are working.

Just with the mautic:emails:send command I get:

Mautic is not set to queue email.

So maybe this is a problem with my kind of time published segment emails? In the system configuration the email setting is “send immediately”. Should I use the queue-option here?

Next to this I want to ask: Which cronjob is necessary to publish (and send) my segment emails with a publish at date? I defined these emails als unpublished segment emails with a publish at date and an unpublish at date like this:

But it seems that the email is not published at this time an also not send to the segment. Is this also because of the missing queue-configuration or another problem?

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You can have 2 sending methods: immediate and queued. I’m a strong believer or queues, it is more reliable.
Queue can be set in : Config / Email settings / Mail Send Settings:


In order to send a SEGMENT email with queue, you need the followings:

When the email sending window opens, this will queue up the emails:
You need to have that segment email to be published, and publishing window must be open (the desired sending time should be between “publish at” and “unpublish at”)

This commands sends the queue out:

Here is a super detailed video about how email sending really works.

Thanks a lot for your quick reply. Sorry, but I have to ask two things again:

1.) Will my time-based-pubish-at-date-segment-email also work with email setting is “send immediately” or just with the queue-setting?

2.) Just for understanding: I created an new segment email with published-status “no” and publish at date = “2021-08-11 01:00” and unpublish at date = “2021-08-11 23:00” (for today). What is the behaviour in mautic with the published-state of this email? Will any cron check “oh - now() > the publish at date of this email so I will change the publish state to yes”? I’m just wondering because this email is still unpublished.

And thanks for the video link! I will watch it this evening - at prime time ;-).

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  1. I think it will work but you need to use cron for the mautic:broadcast command to send out these emails. (I think…)

  2. If the publish Status is ‘No’, then it won’t send anything and the status is Unpublished. If you want to send in the future, you need to do 3 things (yes, all 3.)

  1. set the Publish Time for future time
  2. (this will be weird: ) PUBLISH the email
  3. (this will be even more weird:) SEND the email

Now you will have a new status called ‘Scheduled’.
Watch the video above, it explains everything.

Thanks for your quick reply.

Sorry - but this sounds really weird! :wink:

I will see video! But let me ask one more question:

When I do these 3 steps I get an notification like this:

The email JobLetter 12.08.2021 / Scheduled 2 is unpublished, the publish Up/Down dates are off or the email category is unpublished. You cannot send this email until published.

The email is marked as pending. But will this email be send tomorrow?

Next question: When I plan a segment mail this way for the next week and in the meantime will be new contacts in the segment (and maybe some other contacts leave the segment) - will they also get this email?

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Okay :slight_smile:
This is also in the video.

All contacts, that are in the segment during the sending window will get the email.
If they join later, they get the email when they join if the window is open.
If you have 5 published and (publishe at timed) segment emails, then newcomers will get 5 emails. It’s very important to close the window.