Send mail to subscriber immediately after filling the form

Hey, i am looking to send email to subscriber at the moment he fill the form on the site.

The way mautic works now it seems like when i create a form i have 3 options:

  1. Send form results - use that to send the mail to client but i can’t track the data (if user open the mail)

  2. Send email to user - which doesn’t allow me to send the email to user but only to myself (seems like the logical thing was to allow the option to send email to user there)

  3. Start a campaign - which allow me to to send email to user but because of the cron it might take some time to get the mail and it’s not immediately.

Is there a way to do it correctly that allow me to send the user mail when he submit the form?

there is no one solution here.
I’m using (any many other marketers) the one minute cron setup, so don’t have this problem.

Hey, thanks for your answer,

While one minute is ok it still seems like the option to send the user email at the moment he register is a fundamental option that should be in the system.

I don’t see the logic in allowing the send message to the admin but not to the user.

Hey by the way i have tested it now on my setup and it doesn’t seems like the mail send every minute via mautic:emails:send cron but it only sent via mautic:campaigns:trigger which run every 15 minutes and not every 1 minute.

Did you do something on your setting the make the campaign the moment the form submited or did you set mautic:campaigns:trigger to run every 1 minute?

Thanks again for your help