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Sendgrid Webhook - Bounce Management Not Working

Your software
My Mautic version is: 2.15.0
My PHP version is: 7.2.22

Your problem
My problem is: I have taken the necessary steps to enable bounce management via the Sendgrid webhook - - and when testing my target URL - - I am receiving the ‘success’ message but my contacts are not being marked in anyway, I’m getting no feedback in the logs and I am at a serious loss as to why this is happening!

These errors are showing in the log: There are no errors in the log at all. When I was still getting errors for ignore_user_abort variable, every time I would send test data using the option on Sendgrid, I would get a note in the log with the same time just warning that ignore_user_abort was disabled for security reasons, meaning Mautic should be receiving the appropriate data but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Steps I have tried to fix the problem: Different callback URIs, checking logs, implemented a fix from one of the developers where a string for 2.15.0 was wrong which prompted the original ‘success’ message. I’ve heard that this is an issue for other people and I’m really struggling to find a solution. Had to install 2.15.0 as 2.15.1/2.15.2 were both bugged and the installer never finished, confirmed by other Mauticers and my hosting management provider.

Thank you for your time! :slight_smile:

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