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Sending series of reminder emails

Hello Everyone,
I actually want to send a series of reminder emails to our users before his/her subscription ends.
Does anyone have a solution for this?

Mautic has the solution :slight_smile:
Do you have the date that the user subscription ends in a custom field.

If so you you use a condition inside a campaign based on that event and use the operator equals + 7 days (for example a week from today) and then send action

Thank you for the solution @mikew,
Tried it but it’s not working in my case. The condition gets failed.

please copy your campaign picture here and the pictures of the conditions also maybe a contact card

What i want to do here is to send an email to the ones whose subscription ends after 1 day.

please try and change your value from +1 day to +1 days.

This will send an email to a person 1 day after the date condition

let’s say if a person’s subscription is ending tomorrow, isn’t this condition ‘end date equals +1 day’ correct?

by using this condition he will receive a reminder mail today correct?