Separate merged mails from existing segments?

When I upload an email list to create a new segment, already available mails are merged. So are those mails now removed from the new segment automatically? If not, then how can I do so?

As I understand you want to upload a new segment, and remove the contacts from an old segment.
Is this because you want to send the same email again to a new segment?
Plz note, that Mautic won’t allow you to send the same email 2x to the same contact.

Lets say

  1. You import contact A as segment Apple
  2. Send them Email Nr. 1.
  3. reimport Contact A, Contact B in segment Pear
  4. Send the same email (Nr 1.) again to Contact B, then only Contact B will recieve it.

Would be nice to know what you exactly wanna do.


Suppose I upload a contact, say contact A in segment Apple
Then after some time, I upload another email list containing contact A, and create another segment, say segment Pear
Then how do I make sure that contact A should remain in either of the lists and not both.

I want to remove contact A (which is already available in segment Apple) from the newly created segment Pear, so that I can stay sure of how many actual emails are there in total.

My problem:

Let’s say that I created 2 contact segments with 1000 contacts each
Now I have data of 2000 people, whom I want to send the same email

I sent the email to segment 1 on day 1 and segment 2 on day 2. Then I realise that in segment 2, only 167 emails are sent because rest email ids were same as segment 1.

So I want to remove the exact same emails from the 2nd segment so that I can stay sure of the total count.

How can I do that?

There are no lists in Mautic. You will have to change the way you think about contacts.
When you import a contact into a segment, they will be immune to segment filters.

So let’s change how you import them and you’ll be amazed by the possibilities. :slight_smile:

In your scenario you upload lists every week, and send them email. You want to make sure people who already got an email won’t get it once again, AND you want to monitor how each emails, or better say list performs.

  1. Import your first list into Mautic but choose no segment. Add the tag “Apple”. This will import all members with the list apple.

  2. Create a segment “My newsletter” by using segment filters.

“TAG includes Apple”
(Wait until the segment updates)

  1. Send your email to your My newsletter segment.

  1. Import your new list Pear, but again, not into a segment. Add the tag “Pear”.

  2. Change your segment filter:
    “TAG includes Pear”
    “TAG excludes Apple”
    (Wait until the segment updates)

Send a new email to the same segment “My newsletter”.

Does it makes sense?