Server Configuration - Mautic Setup

We have setup the mautic with customized ubuntu server and for email service we are using SES (simple email service)
After runinng couple of campaign it’s work but not full fill our requirement, basically we required to run multiple campaign simultaneously, after completion of our test email campaign, it took 48 hrs to complete 1 million emails to send.

please suggest us what configuration to build up to complete 1 million emails in 4 hrs.

Current mautic configuration:
OS: Ubuntu 20.0 server
V-CPU: 12 Core
HDD: 500 GB

SES Configuration:
Send Rate: 160/sec

Thanks in advance.

If you’re sending that much mail why not spend some money and hire a pro to help you tweak things better. You’d save a heap of frustration and it will probably end up saving you money in the process.

It only requires about 70/sec send rate to hit that goal. I would look at where the bottleneck is.