Simply track image loads in emails

Is there no simple way to track image loads / asset loads from emails? I simply want to know that an image was loaded in an email when opened and what contact loaded it. I have spent a day researching now and there seems to be no straight forward solution.

There should be something like

It does track any asset provided.

But when using a test email (or web preview), you won’t see the proxy url (only when sending for real)

Maybe it’s the way I am creating the email templates. I am using code to generate the template and include for my assets. I am also not using a tracking pixel.

I then create a segment template and send to the segmet. The resulting tag, at the receiving email does only contain a link to the asset, but no tracking id or such.

Sorry. Including the img link for clarity:

<img src="{assetlink=2}">

Probably some confusion here.

Or there is something very wrong the email that you received.

it should be <img src="https/some-website.tld/pic.jpg">

** Please note this:
“email that you received”

Not “email that you are currently editing in a WYSIWYG”.

But more like “email that you clicked on within Gmail to read the content form within Gmail”

I inserted the tracking pixel and now everything tracks. So I guess simply tracking loading of images doesn’t work. You have to have the pixel.