Slack Notification Plugin


I wrote a simple plugin, that sends notification to Slack if your mautic instance is out of date. Here is the plugin: GitHub - mzagmajster/mautic-handy-tools-bundle

I would like to know if this is something that Core Mautic team would consider merging to the core (Not entire plugin, but just the command)? Looping in: @rcheesley

Regards, M.


Thanks for the suggestion!

I actually thought that it would be helpful to show something in-app which I spun out from another discussion:

so that users are made aware that their instance is out of date - could even incorporate it with the Marketplace to also check plugins.

Maybe a dashboard widget with status of Core & plugins might be helpful?

In Joomla this is how it is done and you naturally know that is where to look - there is also a section for post-update notifications which shows useful information that might relate to new features or important release information for example.

With Joomla 4 it has now moved to a dashboard widget (their equivalent) which I find much more elegant (and easier to switch off, if relevant!)

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Thanks for the reply.

Maybe I will create a widget you are describing, it should not be that hard to implement . I still use the slack notification plugin.

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