Sms campaign


can anyone suggest how can we send SMS campaign with msg91 or amazon sns or amazon pinpoint ?
due to tri regulation in India, we must hold certain compliances so i am looking for a work around with them

The Power User’s Guide To SMS Marketing Services

  1. Target Individual Segments

Most marketers recognize the importance targeting and customer segmentation hold in a direct marketing campaign. But what even the best of them don’t realize is that with SMS, you can segment your audience into a far smaller category offering them more curated content.
Unlike other direct marketing channels, with SMS campaigns, there’s no additional cost to create multiple versions of the same offer.

  1. Personalize Your Text – Recipient

Researches show personalized marketing to have a higher response. By simply addressing your customer by their first name you’re demonstrating that you know them and are speaking to them as individuals.
It can be very easily done by using the custom and dynamic fields as it allows marketers to customize the text based on each customer’s activities, interests and personal information.

  1. Personalize Your Text – Brand

Yes, we have been over this point, but this one here is the other side of personalization – more to do with brand recognition.

The personalized SMS you send helps customers identify your brand easily when you send it with a unique Sender ID that helps differentiate your brand text from the others.

  1. Personalize Your Text – Language

Yeah, it’s all about personalization and once you start doing that you’ll know why we are talking about it so much.

After segmenting the audience, creating the right sender ID for your brand, next in SMS marketing guidelines of personalization comes language-based.

2,430 web consumers in 8 countries were surveyed to learn about how language affected customer purchasing behaviours. The result says it all:

  • 72.1% – spend time on websites in their own language.
  • 72.4% – more likely to buy a product with information in their own language.
  • 56.2% – the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price.

we want to just send sms without violating the tri regulation. for any/many a2p or p2p we need to maintain a country regulations.

now for msg91, I found no plugin.
now for aws pinpoint, i found no plugin
for aws sns , I found no plugin
only available option is twilo :frowning:

Now without country regulation sending SMS is not valid anymore (even for an individual) without a header and template registration any recipent can report directly to the authority or govt body. now Twilio did not have telemarketers registration for India which is a problem but amazon pinpoint and msg91 have this option.