Spintax-like Email template randomization

Mautic version is: v4.2.2
PHP version is: 7.4.28
Database type and version is: PDO_MySQL 5.7.37-40

The question
In many EMA’s it is possible to do email content randomization. For example, in MailWizz you can do [RANDOM_CONTENT:Welcome|Nice to meet you|Hello] and some of the sent emails will contain “Welcome”, others will be “Nice to meet you” and “Hello”. Sometimes it’s called spintax. I have read that it might improve email deliverability. How can I achieve this with Mautic?

I searched the documentation, but not found an answer, only variables overview. Are there other template language tokens other than variables? Are there plugins for this?

Update: I found a workaround - to use Dynamic Web Content, but it still does not provide full randomization capabilities, so the question is open.

You can install th twig templates plugin,

Which gives you a lot more customization option than any mailwizz spintext.

Here is an example for random content:
{{ random(['apple', 'orange', 'citrus']) }}


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Thank you! But the plugin price is quite aww (also not open source)… But it is still better then nothing.

Honestly, the plugin is super cheap in comparison to the value it gives. The fact that you pay for it also ensures continuous upgrades.
No affiliation just honest opinion.

Yeah, I just believe that the best software should be free & open source. I chose Mautic over MailWizz because of this.

Mautic is open source, which allows you to create your own spintax plugin. Noone stopping you from doing so. You can do it for free.
If you can’t code, then you’ll need to pay someone to do it. It would cost you between $300-$1000 to create a custom plugin. Then spend $100-$300 for every version upgrade.

OR you can just buy it for the fraction of the price and get free upgrades.

My baker is using an open source recipe for making bread. Even if he would get flour and yiest and oven time for free, he would still charges me for every single loaf to cover his time investment.

Just a heads up:
Mailwizz and Mautic are very very different. You won’t get the same results, as Mailwizz is a Mass email software, and if you try to use Mautic as mass email you are up for a surprise.

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OK, thank you for clarification. I will try phpList or ListMonk then…