Stuck at domain verification amazon ses

FInally I signed up with ses amazon and I added 3 of my domains that I will send emails from.
My domains are registered at and I added them to SES but they are still pending verification after 3 days. I just want to start sending for god sake. What to do?

You need to verify your email.
You can do it by

  1. Enter sender email to be verified in SES for verification (I guess you did it, so you’ll need to click on resend verification)
  2. Open your email program or login to your email web, check your emails.
  3. Open the email you got from Amazon and click on the link in the Amazon Email.

Good luck,

If domains are pending verification you did something wrong in the DNS. When adding a new domain with Amazon you will get a list of entries you have to make in the DNS at namecheap.

In Amazon you see verification status and DKIM status, both can be “pending verification” or “verified”.

When adding the domain in Amazon you get ONE DNS entry called “Domain Verification Record”, and THREE DNS entries called “DKIM Record Set”. And there is “Email Receiving Record”, but you probably don’t need that one.

If your verification status is still pending you did something wrong with the “Domain Verification Record”. If your DKIM status is stil pending you did something wrong with the “DKIM Record Set”.

So I just wanted to say that you did something wrong :grinning:

After you did that something more important is waiting for you, like adding emails how Joeyk described above and asking for a sending increase from Amazon…

Amazon takes some time to setup, but I really love it.