Submit form action issues

in a form campaign, after a submit form action i wanted to make a condition depending on few input values submitted.

I realised four points.

  • Is not possible to have more than one Submit form action trigger within a campaign.
  • Is not possible to add a large condition like ( input_a = “X” AND input_b = “Y”).
  • The condition doesn’t count on the last submit. It checks all the form submitions of the lead. e.g. if a user submits input_x = “Yes” and later input_x= “No” then the independent conditions input_x=“Yes” and input_x=“No” are both positives. Is this the right behaviour?
  • The submit form action is triggered just once in a campaign instead of triggering it on each submit. Is it the right behaviour?

Would be nice to just review the last submit and triggers the action on each submit. I’m trying to create a feedback campaign were a lead can submit a different feedback per “product” so the same form is used and depending on the inputs we are doing different tasks. Do you know any workaround to get this?Thank you so much

If I understand you correctly you could have a campaign that begins with the form submit,
Then a condition on form field value and action on this.


You are correct that you can not have a multi condition statement, however this could probably be solved using the SQLplugin and writing out your query to use inside the campaign. Alternatively to have a number of steps

Thanks for your input,
i didn’t knew about that plugin, I’ll check it.

I still have the doubt that the condition on form field is checking all the submits of the form for the lead and not the last submit.

Form with one boolean input (input1) and campaign with two conditions:

  • input1 = Yes
  • input1 = No

Submit 1 => input1 = Yes

Lead gets into the campaign and:

  • condition input1=Yes returns true
  • condition input1=No returns false

We remove the contact from the campaign to allow lead to go through the campaign on each submit

Submit 2 => input1 = No

Lead gets into the campaign and

  • condition input1=Yes returns true (as one of the submits of that contact has this value)
  • condition input1=No returns true (as one of the submits of that contact has this value)

Do you know if there is any solution to just check the last submit?