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SugarCRM integration & Activity Sync feature


On the Mautic SugarCRM plugin “Feature” tab, there’s a section “Events to include in the activity sync”, with a tool tip "Select the events that will be sent to integration as activity.

What is this feature supposed to do? Is this actually doing anything?

My expectation was that the entries in a contact’s activity timeline in Mautic would be pushed to Sugar as ‘activity’ records (note, task, campaign history records or similar).

So I activated several events in the feature dialog for the activity sync, then saved the dialog, then executed ‘php app/console mautic:integration:pushactivity -i Sugarcrm’. Result:
Push activity timeline to Sugarcrm mautic object
Number of contacts processed: 0

I tried ‘php app/console mautic:integration:pushactivity -i Sugarcrm -d 2017-01-01 -t 2018-08-17’. Result:
Push activity timeline to Sugarcrm mautic object
PHP Notice: Undefined index: 000000003b2ebc890000000078273188 in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 2917
Number of contacts processed: 39

However in Sugar I can’t see any ‘activity’ records related to my Sugar leads & contacts.

Am I doing something wrong? Do I misunderstand the feature?

Hints: Mautic 2.12.1 / Sugar Enterprise (both self hosted).
Regular pull/push of leads & contacts records does work fine.

Thank you in advance for your help!