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Hey there everyone and anyone, new to Mautic, first post, but hope to get a few pointers.

So I followed the plugin guide and have tested the integration with a form to push to integration.

I have contacts created in Mautic Pushing to SuiteCRM as leads, all good.

When I create new leads or contacts in SuiteCRM they are being pulled into Mautic, all good.

But I wanted Mautic to Pull in all existing contacts and leads from SuiteCRM.

On the plugin page:

It says

“–fetch-all To synchronize all contacts to and from integration. Preferably, use this command only after installation.”

So my cron job is as follows:

php /path/to/app/console mautic:integration:fetchleads --integration=Sugarcrm --fetch-all

But only newly created contacts are being synched to/fro

Should I instead use the:

"–time-interval This parameter is used to setup the amount of time we want to pull records from. Possible entries: “10 days”, “1 day”, “10 minutes”, “1 minute”. Maximum time interval “29 days”. Default for both commands is “15 minutes”.

It isn’t too much of a worry, since the installations will all be new and all the contacts leads will be created from the start of the integration, but things like this get to me…

In my Mautic Error log I have:

[2018-02-07 10:58:02] mautic.NOTICE: Symfony\Component\Console\Exception\RuntimeException: The “–fetch-all” option does not exist. etc/etc/vendor/symfony/console/Input/ArgvInput.php line 217 while running console command mautic:integration:pushleadactivity [] []

Which would suggest I am using --fetch-all when i shouldn’t be?

Would love some advice from brighter minds than mine, thanks.


Hey Jeff, good to finally see someone else using - attempting to at least - the Sugarcrm integration with Mautic. It appears you have done everything that I have and we’re both in the same position, scratching our heads about how to get ALL the Contacts/Companies imported to Mautic and synching. How are your Company records synching? Mine appear to be NOT mapping the name field and that obviously means no links to Contacts

RE your query, no help from me I’m afraid, just more questions :=] I’ve had a few answers to the same question you have - none that helped get the contacts into Mautic however. I have recently found this CRON job, that has a couple of switches I haven’t seen before, nor have any idea about what they do - assume the -i means integration, -a might be the interval so no real difference, but worth a try

mautic:integration:synccontacts -i Sugarcrm -a ‘2 hour’

You would think such a basic question would get a pretty quick yes/no answer, not the case in my case anyhow… I’ve tried to find out what triggers the synch between Mautic/Suite but the only answer I get is ‘the record has changed’ - unfortunately that leaves a bit to be desired and won’t help with existing records. I’ve tried a couple of things that I thought might make the migration of records easier than CSV import - you might like to try?

If you have access to phpMyAdmin/the Suite database, change the value of the date_created and date_modified fields of a number of contacts. Make sure the date falls within your time-interval CRON setting, see if they synch

Do a mass update in Suite of a number of Contact records using a field that ISN’T of any importance

That’s all I’ve got, hope it helps in some measure and good luck

Does anyone have problems with the mapping of Companies using the Sugarcrm integration? My integration is making/creating blank company records. I have done a Mass Update of 100 company records in SuiteCRM as a test, I get 100 blank records in Mautic… HELP? :=]

Not integrated properly yet

Hey Steve, forgot to add, the CRON I am using is

mautic:integration:fetchleads --integration=“Sugarcrm” --fetch-all --env=prod

I don’t have any errors in my console when I run it, I have it scheduled to run every 3 mins as I have had no input and can’t find any documentation on recommended times/iterations

Cron jobs are most important while any integartions

Hey bizcrony, thanks for the enigmatic posting :=] - could you answer one simple question? After you’ve followed all the instructions about configuring your integration/plugin and it is all working as expected SHOULD/DOES the plugin import ALL contact/company records in your CRM?

Thanks much

Jeff, if you do a bulk update on ALL your CRM records they will be migrated to Mautic - well it has worked for me Not sure how many records you’re dealing with - however I did my 1069 in a single batch - your ability to do that number of records may depend on some PHP script settings…


Does anyone know which field in the Contact Mapping is used to store the Account Name that is associated with the CRM record? This is the SugarCRM integration I see 3 Name: fields for mapping in the Integration Fields column ALL in the Contacts module, is ONE of those the Account Name record…

Answer my own question, NONE of the above Name fields are a mapping to the underlying Contact records Account. The ONLY mapping to the Account Name is from the Leads module - unless some else can see something different, time to hack the code I think…

Hey Jeff, found quite a few posts RE the Account - Contact thing on the Mautic Github site, possible solutions



You aren’t being of any help. It is obvious there is a problem. All instructions have been followed as per the plugin page:

and per Cron jobs page:

Any contact I add to SuiteCRM will sync to Mautic contacts
Any contact I add to Mautic will sync to SuiteCRM Leads

So the cron jobs that are specified are working. The ONLY error is is with that parameter tag.

The ‘-fetch-all’ parameter has been added as the instructions clearly specify, but I am getting an error saying that this paremeter doesn’t exist for that Cron Job. I have asked clear questions about this specific parameter, none of which you have answered.

You also haven’t answered Marty’s question, so i will repeat it, and ask that you either answer it, or refrain from taking part in my this discussion unless you wish to be constructive. I understand that you may have experience with Mautic, but if you are not going to help then that isn’t much use. I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t have time to deal with people interjecting with suboptimal comments. I do however welcome any insight specific to the raised problem.

To repeat the question, After you’ve followed all the instructions about configuring your integration/plugin and it is all working as expected SHOULD/DOES the plugin import ALL contact/company records in your CRM?


Thank you kindly for your help and support. I haven’t had a chance to check the company sync, good catch. I should have time later to check that and will report back. If that is the case then there is a real problem.

At the moment, this system will be setup from the beginning with both systems being empty, so the actually syching of old contacts, or contacts previously in the database isn’t so much of a problem. However going forward, it would seem stupid to tie my client into a system that has an extant problem such as this.

May I ask, when you did a bulk update, was that just contacts? did the problem you are having with companies persist?

May I also ask the stack you are working on, LAMP or LEMP?

I have 3 days of meetings prior the CHinese New Year, but I should have time in the evening to check the company syncing…

Also, who is Steve? I don’t see any comment from Steve, is there a Ghost commenter putting forward any pearls of information that I can not see? I haven’t had a chance to check into the forum since I posted this, so perhaps it was deleted?

Hey ‘Steve’, sorry about that Jeff :=], had been a long day digging into multiple areas of information, was getting a tad ‘fuzzzy’…

RE the stack, Bitnami on Amazon Lightsail LAMP
Apache 2.4.25
MySQL 5.6.35
PHP 7.0.27
Running on Ubuntu 14.04

The company mapping for me has been horrendous, blank records, multiple records, NO linkage to the contact record, pretty much unusable. I’ve turned off the company mapping for now and am hoping I’ll find a resolution on the Mautic GitHub site.

I’m currently looking at this plugin to see if it can cure our ills

HOWEVER it does NOT currently work with Mautic 2.12.1, ain’t it the way???. I am in conversation with the developers, they say timeline is next week for a release that will work with that version of Mautic and Sugar 6.x (the SuiteCRM base) I have asked them if the module will map the Company fields correctly and create the link between the contact/company in Mautic, am waiting on a reply and will post back here for you if you are interested.

I ran a bulk update with JUST the Contacts module to start with, and as reported earlier, worked a treat. Then decided to select 100 Companies and do the same, result? 100 BLANK company records in Mautic - NO MAPPING WHATSOEVER, which just doesn’t sound right. I could imagine a couple of fields NOT mapping but the entire record sounds more like a problem I may have introduced/with my setup than a problem with the software…

Just had another look at CRON job you say is erroring out for you, does your CRON have quotes around Sugarcrm e.g.

mautic:integration:fetchleads --integration=“Sugarcrm” --fetch-all

The quotes around Sugarcrm are required, didn’t see any on yours :-] get lucky!!!

I think you’ll be fine with a NEW installation (apart from the Company thing), my installation had/has records that are a few years old and it says in the Mautic documentation, the greatest time-interval setting is/was 29 days (though I’ve read in other places you can specify greater)

Once again, apols about the Steve thing, couple more commenters, ghost or otherwise would be appreciated though :=]

Hey Jeff, still testing but this is looking good as a fix for the Company integration to Mautic


Hey Jeff, got a reply from the eVolpe developer (plugin mentioned above) Looks like it’s a wash, it doens’t map the Account field to the Contact record in Mautic AND I’m finding the github PR has been working as expected overnight… I have identified another bug though… when pulling in Contact records from Suite that have NO email address I’m getting duplication, don’t ask what use Contact records without email addresses are :=]


Hey Jeff, final post…

The NEW integration from eVolpe that I mentioned is working perfectly for me on Mautic 2.12.1 as is the Sugarcrm plugin. The Sugarcrm plugin is mapping the Company records and relating them to associated Contacts and the eVolpe plugin is allowing me to push Target Lists from SuiteCRM to Segments in Mautic. It is also allowing me to view Mautic activity in SuiteCRM and creating links from SuiteCRM to associated records in SuiteCRM - hope I’m not sounding like a sales rep for them, but after a few configuration problems their module is/has become a great solution for us