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SuiteCRM - Mautic - Actual Situation

Looking to Sync for SuiteCRM with Mautic I found the SugarCRM Plugin at Mautic as well as which needs

What is the best way you would recommend to connect Mautic with SuiteCRM?
What are the advantages/disadvantages/bugs of the SuiteCRM Mautic from Isleshocky and the paid Plugins (like from suitecrm, integromat, zapier & Co.)?

I prefer to use a free integration if possible.

Anyone know which one of the free plugins are working proper with actual SuiteCRM?

Does the SugarCRM Plugin work with actual implementation of SuiteCRM?

Thank you in advance…

P.S.: Do you recommend other good free selfhosted CRM to use with mautic, if so - why?

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Unfortunately, there are not a lot of great options, here. The SugarCRM one that comes with mautic stopped working at some point, though some stout souls seem to have gotten it working but I don’t think its for general consumption.

One that works well, if you don’t mind third-party plugin, is by these guys:

The only downside is that you have to sync all contacts back and forth, not just ‘qualified’ ones.

The other ones on the market I could not get to work. I will probably wind up trying to modify the code of the SugarCRM one at some point.

Also, just a thought, if its a one-off thing, you could solve this with zapier or integromat.

Hi there,

I am testing SuiteCRM to use integrated with Mautic. I have configure the plugin (SugarCRM) and on SuiteCRM created the OAuth Key also.

But still I cannot Sync contacts, there are not errors on the logs, and I would say my cron jobs are well placed.

5 * * * * mautic:integration:fetchleads --fetch-all --integration=Sugarcrm
2 * * * * mautic:integration:synccontacts --integration=“Sugarcrm” --time-interval=“2 hour”

Can anyone help me?