Support for Mailgun via API

Is there the plans also include mailgun as SMTP, like AWS? Now we can use Mailgun with option “other SMTP”. The problem is I can see the bounce mail.

Or we have another path to config bounce email and use mailgun?


Is there the plans also include mailgun as SMTP, like AWS? Now we can use Mailgun with option “other SMTP”. The problem is I can see the bounce mail.

Or we have another path to config bounce email and use mailgun?


@storini @eplaku @danieldocki, I came across the need to handle bounce notifications from Mailgun so I’ve created a little plugin to receive Mailgun webhooks. Let me know if you guys would want to try it - I can share the plugin with you guys. It will mark add an email bounced mark against the email address when Mailgun fires their webhook.

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I want it :slight_smile: Can you share with us @vln104 ?

Hi guys, @storini ,

Please download here and let me know how you get on:


Do we have to rename the file? Upload only the sub-folder? The name of the folder is different than the “mailgun” route for the URL. Can’t get the plugin to be installed or to be recognized by the mautic.

Try this little trick and see what happens: go to configuration, click save & close, then go back to plugins and click the Install/Upgrade button.

You should not have to rename anything. The config is catching a public path and routes it to the Controller included in the bundle. When configuring the webhook in mailgun, you should enter /plugins/mailgun/


Hi @vln104 thanks for developed plugin for mailgun, but I followed all steps and didnt works

Hello @storini what errors are you seeing? What happens whn you click test webhok in mailgun?

And also which Mautic version are you using? I just found out 1.4 changed the do not contact implementation a bit and I’ve not tested it yet.

Does this plugin work with 1.4.1?

For those of us on paid hosting… can we get this?

Hi guys :slight_smile:

I got the plugin installed. Now on Settings >> Configuration >> Email Settings shoul i select Other SMTP Server or It shoul appear the optins to select Mailgun like we have for Mandrill and Sendgrid etc?

And thanks for the plugin :slight_smile:

Same here…

Hi, the download not work, please can re-post the new link?

The download link is dead (500).
pls repost

This is not for the bounced email, but for setting up SMTP for those that needs it. The following instructions is for setting up SMTP in your Mautic for mailgun.
Log into Mautic dashboard.
Top right corner cog icon click it Settings > Configurations > then Email Settings in the menu.
Scroll down a little to find Service to send email through > Other SMTP Server
For SMTP host:
SMTP Port 465
SMTP encryption type SSL
SMTP Authentication mode Plain
Username for the selected mail service [from your Mailgun (a.)]
Password for the selected mail service [from your Mailgun (b.)]

How to get your Username and Password from your Mailgun:
Log into your Mailgun. Click on Domains in top menu. Click on the domain you need email setup for.
Find Default SMTP Login - that email id is your Username for above (a.).
Find Default Password - this is your password for above (b.)

Now in Mautic click button Test Connection (above the SMTP Port part). This should take 30 seconds and it should get success. If it keeps spinning for over 1 minute, then its wrong and you keep playing around with the encryption type and authentication mode and port number maybe. I hope you get it to work. TO test this works, send an email to yourself (create a contact and put your email in it and send email to yourself - you should get it within 5 minutes of sending).

Good luck to you.

I checked, WayBack doesn’t have it archived.

Too bad, I love Mail Gun. I’ve got it integrated for SMTP but I’d rather have full API access with a plugin.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

@MxyzptlkFishStix is right. This is the link for the file. Click to download it.

If that goes down, I’ve added into my online store for $0 as backup. You’ll have to check out as per normal, but price is 0. This was the easiest way for me to add it for future backup.

If you have instructions on how to use this, I can add it onto the store for Users to follow. Just post here.

If vln104 wants me to take it down, please let me know, I have no problems removing it.

Thanks to the both of you. Thanks Zarwo for the URL. :slight_smile: