Switched to Mautic from Sendy - getting a large amount of failure email from Amazone SES

We finally switched over to Mautic yesterday from Sendy and sent out newsletter to our subscribers for the first time. We use Amazon SES API for our email delivery for several years but we are getting failure response from Amazon SES MAILER-DAEMON@amazonses.com with email like this

An error occurred while trying to deliver the mail to the following recipients:
ngonzalez@lacc4hope.orgReporting-MTA: dns; a8-29.smtp-out.amazonses.com

Action: failed
Final-Recipient: rfc822; ngonzalez@lacc4hope.org
Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550 4.4.7 Message expired: unable to deliver in 840 minutes.<421 4.4.1 Failed to establish connection>
Status: 4.4.7

We are aware that sometime domain no longer exist or the server is offline etc so something like this is expected but why is Mautic isn’t marking those contacts bounced or do not email and letting Amazon SES send us failure email? We did not have that issue with Sendy.

The Bounce and Mark as Spam notices are working fine because Amazon are reporting back on those email to Mautic and the contact is updated automatically.

Did we miss something on Mautic to set up for failure notices?

Hi, you probably didn’t turn off this option:

Once it’s turned off you won’t get the email notification, just the regular bounce messages.
Once you set up your feedback loops properly for Mautic / SES, the bounces will automatically marked.
If you get a bunch of reports like this, you should monitor your SES reputation to make sure you are not warned or suspended.

Feedback should be setup like this:

I disabled it … But strange thing is …

When I am receiving failure feedback emails, it not marking it bounced in Mautic so I manually set it DNC

While the ones marked bounced are not sending failure feedback emails to me.

Here’re my setup

I noticed all feedback emails missed by Mautic are empty email body with attachment of failure. I had to open attachment to get the email address to set it DNC manually in Mautic

Here the screenshot of the body

Blank body with attachment …

Incoming feedbacks with blank body but all have attachment of failure to deliver message.

Look like the bounce is not working in Mautic … Here the test result from Amazon … the Mark Spam is working but the bounce is not

What setting should I check for next?

Got it sorted but still troubleshooting it …

It turn out that one of our verified email address on Amazon SES is not triggering the bounces while other 5 are triggering the bounces.

Very odd … We are still looking into it but the bounce issue is probably something on Amazon side and not Mautic …

However, it working on our other verified email addresses