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Task Plugin Feedback

Initial Task Plugin for Basic CRM. Any feedback would be great.

Animated Gif Below


Initial Task Plugin for Basic CRM. Any feedback would be great.
Animated Gif Below

I like it a lot!

Aw yeah that is very sharp!

How do you see this comparing to the “notes” section? Is there a big difference? It would be great to get a special icon for tasks too for the left sidebar.

Anyway to test this plugin? @mroberto Looks great!

Could I suggest this icon? fa-check-square - found here:

Any update on when the plugin might be completed and ready to be shared? :slight_smile: Eager to see it!

Hey, it looks great add-on. I am new to Mautics community but have great experience with many crms and client relations and sales.

I can say that tasks are very different and essential part for a crm. Notes are usually to store info for long term and Tasks are more or less a managment tool for your pipeline. Especially when you not just want to store leads but to convert them into paying customer.

This feature will be a great assets. The only reccomendation that i would point out is to make it a lot faster for adding new task. For example the best case would be to have a chance to:

Use a campaign to set it for different type of presets for tasks. For example. Task - call the client in 2 days is pretty similar for all leads - you do the same. You add a task add name call in two days and add when to call.

It can be automated with usuing tags. For example you add a tag “call2” and a campaign preset for that add task to call in two days and it goes into the list.

Something else i noticed - need a faster way to mark that task is completed.

I can think of so many things that can make it superior to all other crms. I hope that this helps. I am arround for more discussions if this is needed.

P.S. Do you know when this plug in will be downloadable? I would love to do a test (beta test as well).



I have made the plugin open source so we can all help improve it etc. Check it out

Hi guys! Exiting idea to give Mautic CRM features, like Infusionsoft. It would be very useful can interact with creation task & opportunities as Action campaigns.

I agree with @dbhurley , I don’t see a big difference between Task and notes. For me, a note is a Task done, the note ever begins with a task to do, like call, meeting or email and finish with the proper note.

Looking forward to seeing this implemented.
It would work great with the built-in Calendar.

@yalcin we’re using this now. There are a few rough edges still but in principle it’s great. I’m hoping we can use this in future instead of VTiger to help track progress of leads into sales.

Download it from github and give it a go.

looks like a great plugin, but gives me internal server error in 2.2.1. am i missing something?

Yeah, I also get 500 on v2.2.1 - the log says there is no ‘opportunities’ table in the database. Maybe we’re missing a migration script for the db?


PS: actually, neither ‘tasks’ or ‘opportunities’ tables exist. I think they should be created on plugin enable? Also, the plugin was already enabled as I opened Mautic after cache clean, so there is no way to e.g. disable and re-enable it to test my theory.

Solved it, yay!

Stony, do this:

php app/console doctrine:schema:update --force

(of course, on your own responsibility and provided you have a backup of both DB and FS)


Thanks Denis,
Of course everything is on my own responsibility … :slight_smile:
I will give it a try.
Take care,

I am using 2.2.1 and this plugin will not enable after clearing cache… Can you assist?

I’m still having issues with this too - even after updating all the database schemas.

Seems like it’s been installed, all the relevant tabs are there ,there’s a new CRM option on the main menu too.

Getting 500 errors trying to click into any of the options that this plugin supplies however, which is obviously causing a few issues…

Anybody have any other ideas?

For 500s, I’d check the webserver log, as well as the Mautic log on the filesystem.