Test emails went out to newly imported contacts

Last week we been doing a bunch of segment email testing with a few contacts for testing purposes before we switch from our existing mail system over to Mautic.

Some tests was done with campaign triggers but most test was done with schedule set in segment email properties. Both worked good.

Today, I decided to go ahead an start prepping contacts on our existing mail system to import it over to Mautic however once I imported it over, close to 3,000 contacts received our last week test email instantly as soon they were imported which is a newly created template with “Title here” and “paragraph here” along with an image etc where the editor would just replace it with new content each week.

We quickly deleted all the test emails but it was too late anyway. There was no campaign other than one for double opt in but that one didn’t get triggered.

It seems like it send out a test email which was scheduled that went out last week during testing phrase.

We still have several thousands more of contacts to import over but first we would like to know what happened today with the first 3,000 plus contacts and how to prevent this in future when importing over.

Is it normal for it to send out previous scheduled emails when contacts are imported over and added into that email segment when it was already scheduled and went out last week?

When you schedule emails you can set 2 values:

  1. Publish date
  2. Unpublish date

If you don’t set unpublish date, then your email will be ‘valid’ and to be sent out to any contact who is on that segment list.

If you wanna learn more about how emaling works, here is a deep dive:

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It make sense.

Thank you

This video is helpful and I would recommend anyone watching this video first before importing any contacts if you have been doing some segment email test runs with a few test contact account.