The form says "please wait" and stays like that all the time

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My Mautic version is: 3.3.2
My PHP version is: 7.3.26
My Database type and version is: 10.2.36-MariaDB

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My problem is:
Hello, I have a problem. It would be appreciated if someone could help me.
When submitting the form that is embedded in my website, it says “please wait” and stays like that all the time and does not jump to the thank you page or custom message. But the information does arrive, that is, the data enters Mautic, but it seems that the form has remained in “please wait”.
I see no error and no notification.

Thanks for your help

These errors are showing in the log: NO

Hi, I’ve run into the same issue and had to make a change to the .htaccess file in Mautic root by adding:

Header always unset X-Frame-Options

You’ll need to update the .htaccess file after every Mautic upgrade as it gets overwritten during the upgrade process.


did you check if you got some errors in the developer console (CTRL + SHIFT + I)? in my case the console triggers the form field name causing the send error by an incorrect input.

I’ve got a similar issue with the form field “URL” and changed it for text to fix.

Ok, I’ll look into it and try and see if that resolves it. Although this was happening before I upgraded. I also thought that upgrading would resolve this. But it hasn’t.
I will now try the solution you are telling me. Thanks

One question, do you add this : Header always unset X-Frame-Options in the .htaccess file , do you add it at the end of the file but before or outside this tag, at the end of the whole.

Like this at the end

ok. Thank you very much.
That’s where I put it, but it’s still the same. The information is received, but it still says “please wait”.

For me, this was related to cross domain scripting. My mautic instance is on domain a, but the forms are faced publicly on domain b and c.

You host may have security settings that trump the .htaccess in the mautic root.

@succes33 Hi! You should check the browser developer console (CORS Errors + Javascript Errors) and the developer network tab (check the outgoing request to your mautic installation and take a look inside if there are errors).

You could also debug the mautic form javascript with your browser and set breakpoints in the code and see where it stucks.

Some common errors are:

  1. Your mautic installation is on a different domain and you get cors errors
  2. you got a javascript error in your homepage which somehow interrupts the process
  3. the mautic reply got an error
  4. the mtc script embedded in your page got a different domain than your mautic form

If you send me the url from the page with the embedded url I could take a look and give you feedback


This is what my console says but I don’t know how to interpret it.
This is a form that is placed on a website of mine.
I have been using Mutic for a long time and this has never happened before, without the need to configure Cors, I have always kept the same configuration of Mautic, I have just been updating it to the stable versions.

@succes33 If you want you could send me the webseite url with the form via pm and i take a look.

If mautic sends the mail but does not update the button text, it is in most cases a javascript error which interrupts the further processing or a CORS problem.

But you need to debug the forms javascript step by step to see this.

Hello Sebastian.
Thank you very much. Yes the domain of my mautic is different from the one of the site. But this has never caused me problems before.

This is the page where the form is: Creando tu escuela Copia – Academia de Consultores Expertos del Ser

Thank you very much for your attention
Best regards

When you upgrade from Mautic 2.16 to 3.2 your Cors settings will be turned on - no matter what.
Could have been the reason why suddenly it failed.

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Hi Success

Your Mautic form submit goes to:

The error is this one here:
Refused to display ‘’ in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘sameorigin’.

Mautic builds an dynamic iframe in the background and uses this iframe to send the form data.
But the Server answers with a http header X-Frame-Options with the option sameorigin and prevents that mautic could get the form submit result.

(The domain runs with cloudflare protection. So the reason for this http header could be cloudflare)

By the way: Thats the reason why the form is submittet to mautic but the button does not change. Mautic is not able to read the form submit answer and could not update it’s button

(Because it’s still waiting)

Hi thank you very much for the reply and clarification. I will see if I can find out how to fix that in cloudflare.

I have used several times on different cloudflare accounts and also on different Mautic accounts and had not had this problem. But I will investigate to see if I can find how to solve it.

If anyone has any suggestions they are welcome.

Thank you very much

Good Morning!

Let’s disable cloudflare and see if the problem still is there. Then we know if it is cloudflare to blame or a setting on the server.

If it is cloudflare I would write the cloudflare support and ask if it is a single setting that you could disable.

Greetings from Germany

Hello, good morning.

You are right, if the problem seems to be cloudflare, the logical thing to do is to disconnect it and test.
I will perform these tests. And see what results it shows.

Thank you very much Sebastian

Greetings from Spain