The next step for the email and landingpage builder

After we had our first release of Grapesjs email and landingpage builder last year we think it is about time to ask the question of what is the most important features for the community right now. Before we take this discussion to Github we like to brainstorm on the most missing features for grapesjs. Please also keep in mind our Issues.

Please add your features in the comment.


For reference and as inspiration I updated the feature list or the initial release. I marked all issues with a thumbs up that I think are done or no longer relevant.

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What about the ability to view email on the web version. A case scenario, I use Telegram Gmail Norwich means that I can quickly read my mail as chat but there are mail that might have some visual elements I will not be able to see unless I use my mail app having a link at the top that “view on web” will help me do that and also except I click on a link in the email, Mautic can’t track if open the email or not.

Thank you for the new Builder, I really like it. But some functionalities I would like to see are:

  • General: Autocompletion of tokens, i.e if I type “{form=” a list of forms including their name should appear so I can select which one to display → i think that’s already in your miro board
  • Email Builder: add the option to set the Preview Text in the UI. I know it’s possible by <mj-preview> tag in <mj-head> but for some of our clients it would be easier to just have a field to set the Preview text. Not sure if that’s a grapejs functionality, a email functionality or a combination of both.
  • Page Builder: Preference Center Blocks that can be dragged and dropped, please. And the option to style them further. I’m using the tokens right now but they really do not look good.

Some extra features that would help out:

  • Option to save an email as a template
  • Option to change the styling of the “Save Preference button” in the UI
  • Option to save specific layouts as a building block
  • Updated image library
  • Slider to change the width percentage of columns / content
  • Standard video block
  • Option to change styling elements (colors for buttons etc.)
  • Option to add custom fonts (that are compatible with email)

Thanks for your input. There are some important features in there. On others, we are already working. E.g. there is a PR for the image library

  • Option to change styling elements (colors for buttons etc.)

I think this is already possible? If you use the “Paintbrush” icon?

Some good points.

Preview is not so easy as grapesjs does not support changing anything in the head. So all <mj-head> components don’t work.

There is a PR for that pref center work in progress by disha1611 · Pull Request #8 · mautic/grapesjs-preset-mautic · GitHub